The spectrum of conciousness


A while back I had one of those ah ha moments when the jigsaw seemed to fall in place. I realised why highs and lows each seem to come with contradictory concepts of consciousness. When low, I am all too conscious of my impermanence and insignificance, like a slave to nature and time. But when high, I seem to step out of time into an awareness that spans eternity, as if I am the central point in a cosmic dance.
This dichotomy is common knowledge and has traditional explanations, like the Chinese Taoist concept of Yin and Yang. And is prevalent in descriptions of bi-polar disorder. I remember, for example, reading that in Dark Night of the Soul, the author, St John, displays symptoms of manic depression.
In Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Everything, it is described how mitochondria speak a different language to the cells nucleus due to their separate evolutionary histories. Similarly, Physics and Biology assume different world views, although Biology depends on the laws of Physics.
So to understand how mind works both Biology and Physics are necessary (as well as Chemistry and psychology). Biology describes the cells and their processes, whereas physics describes the electrical and quantum phenomena upon which consciousness depends.
So to put it simply, consciousness is both cellular (biology) and electrical (physics) and all thoughts depend on both sets of laws. But what if each pole colour our consciousness
according to their type? What if “cellular consciousness” veers towards the Yin (i.e. negative), but “electrical/quantum consciousness” can be described as Yang (positive)? 
Think about it. Ask yourself…


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