Magic By Button


Today I published Magic By Button.
I’ve had real problems writing the blurb prospective buyers will see. My first effort got everything, even the story, wrong – they are not faced by “impossible odds”, all they really have to do is follow the path of least resistance and be themselves.
Without retelling the whole story including spoilers, all descriptions seem to miss the point.
Anyway, this is my current attempt at snappy book selling blurb:

Joe’s growing obsession with Button feels like madness. But their road trip out west through ancient landscapes awakens a connection older than time. 
For Button, a charismatic, but damaged survivor of horrendous childhood sexual abuse, it is the beginning of the journey to redemption. 
Magic by Button is a romantic comedy laced with psychedelics.

I hope this story will awaken in the reader a sense of magic; how we are all deeply connected to each other and to the land.

You can buy it or download a short sample from or



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