False Memory Syndrome and Brainwashing

A while back I encountered a group called the Hoffman Institute. They offered weekend courses that were supposed to cure individuals from various psychological woes more effectively than years of therapy. Their premise was simple, all our ills can be blamed on our parents. I witnessed their activities from the back stage, so to speak, as I worked at the venue where they run their workshops. I learnt that the actual course had been channelled by a psychic and the great psychiatrist who knew all these answers was actually a discarnate entity.
The course itself was very intense, comparable to brainwashing. After various cathartic workouts, including punching the hell out of pillows, they attended a local graveyard and conducted funerals for their parents. The following day they resurrected them, singing and dancing and believing that all their old issues were resolved and life would be happy ever after.
During one of the courses, I made friends with a quite elderly, feisty Jewish lady who was fascinated by the Hoffman experience, rather than a true believer. Nevertheless, she had forked out her £2,000 plus and was willing to give it a go.
In the kitchen, the course leader, a powerful and charismatic German lady named Elvira, ranted about this woman, complaining that she was spoiling the dynamic of the group. Elvira asserted over and over again, “I’ll break her.”
That evening I met the troublemaker and found that she had lost all her all her confidence and was in a state of some distress. “Elvira says I’m deluded about my Father, covering something up. But he was a lovely man, the best Father anyone could wish for.” I believed her and felt terrible for her being subjected to this treatment.
But we had an even more distressing conversation at the end of the course; “I was wrong. I now see that my Father sexually abused me as a little child.”
“You’ve remembered this?” I asked her.
“No, not exactly. But it all makes sense now, it must be true.” But all the joy had gone out of her and rather than cured, she looked defeated.
Of course, I can not categorically say that Elvira was wrong and that this lady had not been abused by her Father as a girl. But all my instincts told me that she had indeed been brainwashed and been given a false memory.

The Hoffman Process


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