Dependent on kindness

Here’s a contradiction. An example of how life experiences and our crazy human society lead to faulty programming and irrational behaviour patterns.
Fact – If you’re nice to me, compliment me, make me feel good about myself, I will happily be your bitch. Your morality will usurp my own.
Fact – If you make me feel bad about myself you are my enemy. I am less likely to assist you even where we share common goals.
In both cases what is considered right and wrong will adapt to circumstances.
I started this blog thinking I was only describing my irrationality, but I’m also probably describing you.
The simple way round this is for us all to be kind and respectful to each other. We will only let you change us when we know you are on our side.
Of course this only skims the surface of the issues. What happens, for example, when our flatterers become our persecutors? Such psychological loop holes are exploited by pimps. And how about situations where we empower our persecutors because of low self esteem?
But I stand by my assertion. If you want positive change be nice. Even to members of UKIP.


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