Telepathic Pets

Many pet owners will confirm that they share some kind of low level telepathic field with their animals.
It may or may not be true, but that’s how it feels.
In my job as a house sitter I frequently find myself in strange houses and don’t know where things like kitchen scales or candles are kept. I have spent too long looking for things, sometimes getting frustrated and giving up. But I’ve learnt a magickal trick that bizarrely enough often works. I look the house pet in the eye and visualize what I’m looking for. In the last case it was a jug, (so I could pour vodka into a hip flask without spilling). I looked at Chabal and thought of a jug mentally asking where he might have seen it. Immediately, as if remembered, I “saw” a glass measuring jug at the back of the saucepan cupboard next to the sink. So I opened the door and there it was, exactly where I knew it would be. Thank you Chabal, you’re a very clever dog.
Now for an alternative rational explanation. At some earlier point I must have seen exactly where it was, but it was only unconsciously noticed and the data was filed at a subliminal level. My Magic Dog Trick only served by freeing my imagination to access what it already knew.
But damn the rational explanation. I prefer the crazy.


Chabal meditating .


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