Confessions of a refugee, a back story.

As far as we know we evolved much like you on Earth. We have witnessed the pattern repeating itself many times. But unlike you, it took us much longer to arrive at this common random configuration. We were in flux throughout the life span of our Universe and only at its end looked exactly like us.
We have our science, mythologies and seed like memories but we cannot be sure that we are the first. We recognise this is a common misapprehension for our type.
But beyond our space time event it is as if we are a habit of nature everywhere. This basic bipedal model hatched from an egg. Though on other planets in different universes and by different ways you arrive here quicker.
It’s not that we are nature’s chosen pattern, or an end result, the processes that got us here were random natural selections. But it was while it was us that nature learnt a new trick.
We believe we were the first species to consciously meld with DNA. We could fashion our upgrades by thought alone. We became immortal, the perfected embodiment of our ambitions. It was as if we had become angels.
Just by picturing possibilities we could manipulate the flow of time. By thought alone could create doorways, hacking the space time continuum.
With enlightenment came vertigo. looking down on eternity, ennui in the gut and the feeling of falling forever.
So instead of a sequential journey through every event of our endless lives we chose to withdraw from time. In so doing we became more real, discovering our true selves. As if up till then we had been sleepwalking and dreaming our lives.
My true self lives in an eternal present where everything happens simultaneously in a single endless instance. The me you see moving through time is a projection reflected in each random configuration.
In order to prioritise many facts are filtered. Or for us, filed. We build in realms that you touch in your imagination. What you would describe as virtual engineering is the basis of our technology. We are extended in cyberspace, but our main frames are the living universes. And we have hacked many.
Sometimes we project ourselves into avatar bodies in time and space to experience what it’s like to be one of our descendants. To make the experience truthful, we temporarily forget who we are and only have the same capabilities as those around us. When I first awoke from the coma, I wondered if that was what had happened to me. But now I know that my individual DNA is projected here because I had to leave our worlds. I had become a threat to our continued existence. I was predetermined to remember how to open doorways in time. Others had charted the quantum probabilities of this catastrophic event. I, too, knew it was inevitable, the pattern consciously unravelling, spreading like a shock wave through every universe. Voiding everything. Some thought the event would be beautiful, others terrifying. But even I agreed that its probability of happening must be reduced to zero. I made clear my plan to cease existing.
But mathematicians predicted that if instead I chose to carry on living my likelihood of being good and useful directly increases the further I am away from home. My loved ones and past lives must be excluded from my thoughts less I open a doorway, return and fulfill my destiny and destroy everything.
This is why it is not safe for me to remember too much, or share it with you. As you comprehend the likelihood of our annihilation increases exponentially . So like me, choose not to remember. Forget.

If this back story/confession were explained to his partner or the reader, the story would make much more sense but be a lot sillier.


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