Life Imitates Art


Hope you don’t mind me rambling about the writing of my new story, provisionally called “The Quantum Twins.” It’s the same one that has previously been called “Push the Button” and “House of the Rising Bum.”
Although, as usual, I have the same old insecurities; is it any good? can I even write? I have felt that the force is with me again. When I started the first draft in January, I had a grand SciFi theme of addressing an Ancient Evil that  predated our universe, but still shaped our destiny. But the more I wrote, the less I believed in it. It became apparent that there is no cosmic evil and the term only has meaning for humans and is only relative to our lives. My writing was stilted and blocked. I had a few interesting dialogues between the main two characters, but it went nowhere and the plot elements felt contrived.
So eventually it was decided that the whole story needed a reboot. The new back story is given in an earlier blog Confessions of a Refugee. This idea seemed to work, it is a blending of archetypal folk lore and pseudo science, but at a mythological level it seems true.
The words came more easily as did convincing plot twists. It feels like the story wants to be written. But this time I am not only using experiences from my life to colour it, it is plotting me.
I had toyed with the idea of using meteorites and sun spots to allow the cosmic to impact on the every day. But after driving all night from Scotland to Cambridge and feeling exceedingly tired, the sight of a shower of meteorites heading towards me made me think that the  world was ending, or I’d driven into the twilight zone. I didn’t immediately realise that the experience was just what I needed to delay my characters in a traffic jam.
This week the fate I was writing for Joe duly happened to me. Three days of sickness, vomiting and fever blurred the lines between the mythological and the real. He was cut off by the internet going down and his phone breaking. Guess what? The internet here went down the day the fever hit. My phone didn’t break, but I did run out of data. In my more confused moments it felt like the magic of coincidence had replaced the normal world order.
This isolation is necessary for Joe in a way that I hope you’ll see when you get to read the story. For me it has allowed me to resolve my enduring concern about the morality of writing a homo erotically charged story that deals with child abuse issues.
I have had a voice explaining what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in such a scenario.
Although most readers have not seen it, Raw Food shows a form of abuse. The fact that Joe was an adult, walked into it with eyes open and enjoyed it does not mean he was not exploited in a way he would come to regret. At least I think that it is what I was trying to convey.
In the subsequent story, Magic By Button, the abuse issue was addressed more directly, but with less descriptive detail. I did not want to turn readers on with accounts of child rape and exploitation. But I did want them to enjoy his and Joe’s redemption in love and in each other.
In my current story it is necessary to give more detail and while I guess that some may get turned on by what to me is pure horror, I am confident that the light I shine on my subject exposes evil but does not perpetuate it. It’ s been tricky, without the voices suggestions and revisions I don’t think I could have done it.
I hope my story about a gay extra terrestrial rock star will be entertaining. I try and make the impossible plausible. For the most part writing it is a joy. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that the main theme seems to be family. I had no idea of that when I started. Though when I look back to where it came from, it should have been obvious.


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