Everything’s Changed

I have a moral and artistic dilemma.
My first published story, Raw Food was also my first attempt at a conventional narrative, though there is little that is conventional about it. It satirises the m/m romance genre and deliberately attempts to take the reader out of their comfort zone by shocking while turning you on. A lot of it works, the characters feel real and most of the comedy still makes me smile.
However I now see that that the style is inconsistent ranging from terrible to sublime. About half way through the plot loses focus and briefly goes off on a tangent.
As the story introduces Button & Joe, it is seen by some as required reading for what follows in the The Quantum Twins. (Though all essential plot elements are recapped.)
The simple solution would be to rewrite it. However I don’t want to go there again. Several scenes, essential to the plot, now gross me out.
While writing it I was still in the grip of a post traumatic condition and it was liberating to parade my demons and laugh at them, albeit via metaphor rather than directly confronting the sickness.
But, like my character Button, I’m not like that any more. So I have a choice; withdraw it from sale or carry it like an albatross.


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