Button Mania – Music & Pictures


About (the blurb)
In this sequel to Magic By Button, star-crossed lovers Joe and Simon find fame and success as musicians, but will Joe’s family accept the dazzling and volatile Button into their hearts? And will Simon’s past catch up with him? Or will the future be their undoing?

James Austen is back with this inventive and imaginative love story; part-thriller, part sci-fi adventure, this is a story of the cosmic power of love against the odds.

Button Mania describes a dangerous paedophile conspiracy within the British Establishment and though it avoids gratuitous detail, some readers may find it upsetting.

Selection from the concert playlist

The story starts with Button’s first concert. The following song list is not entirely random as it introduces the novels themes and plot elements.

1) Firedance
2) Song of the Fisher King
3) Voodoo Child
4) Such a Small Love
5) Brooklyn Baby
6) House of the Rising Sun
7) Starman
8) Let It Be Me
9) No Surprises
10) Lost In Space

1st Encore
11) I am the Walrus

2nd Encore
12) True Love Waits

Hyde Park Hilton



Montague Crescent

Simon and Joe’s brother, Richard, revive a family tradition of playing music on a Sunday afternoon.

Lisle Street


New York


On television, Simon gets to sing an old Bessie Smith song. Joe fears the song is about him.
After You’ve Gone

Leicester Square



Shakespeare looks down.




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