I was living in a small seaside town when I came out of denial. The story of my childhood abuse rocked our little community and all of my relationships changed.
My then partner wanted revenge; friends were rallied and threats were made against the abuser. His house was to be torched and he was going to experience terror and pay for his crime. But I threw a wobbly (1 of my superpowers) and eventually persuaded them to leave it to the police sort out.
While their anger made sense to me, other responses I found harder to understand. An acquaintance, who ran a local café, advised me of how they policed paedophile holiday makers. And then I was invited to violently assault an old man they had apparently caught photographing children on the beach.
Of course I refused. The offer was an act of solidarity, empathy or whatever. But it did little to reconcile my faith with humanity.


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