Anima Rising, Queen of Queens

I have had a few dreams so beautiful, magical & intense that they seemed more real than mundane reality. I woke in the afterglow, slightly sad to be back in this world, but with a sense of wonder that was empowering and sustaining.
I think I must have been eight or nine. We had left London, I had left my friends behind. But I dreamt…
I walked into an orchard (probably in a mystical Island in the far west). The light was golden & shimmering and under a tree sat a beautiful blond girl of my own age (I, by the way, am a brunette). Although she was very real it was as if she was made of light  We sat together and looked into each others eyes. It felt like we were one being and complete. Nothing happened. Nothing needed to happen. Everything was just fine.
This dream has always stayed with me and remains a source of healing and magic.
Years later I was to learn that I had met my anima.
I am not religious but my natural affinity is with the Goddess in all her manifestations. Especially Gaia. (Yeah, I’m a gay man but so what?)
I will let Joni sing us out on this one. And I would point out that one if the 10 sefirot of the Kabbalah is called Binah. The Mother of Sorrows. When energy is bound in time & space, it feels it as sorrow.

Joni Mitchell – Don’t Interrupt The Sorrow


2 thoughts on “Anima Rising, Queen of Queens

    1. In the version I learnt, which I admit bares little relation to the traditional QBL of the Zohar, understanding is equated to sorrow. Almost like the Buddhist concept. This interpretation is repeated by many writers on the subject (Mathers, Fortune, Knight, Gray etc. ) including some Jewish scholars. My own library is extensive. I also am interested in more traditional forms.

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