Abide with me

Abide with me
As I’m lowered in my grave,
As the door is slammed closed,
And the shiver through my back
Freezes me.

And my hands cannot reach,
My mouth cannot speak,
Though my eyes would see,
But the darkness.

And you whisper
Wordless words
And fly like preserved birds,
Caught in frames of action,
But still.

I’m the oil
In your machinery,
A particle of your scenery,
Speaking words of oil.
A lubricant.

The dream may never die,
But the dreamer’s run dry.
When I don’t understand
Abide with me.

And you cross your lips
Sip your tea,
With one eye
Look at me
And talk..
Though your words
Flow right through.

If I had a gun
I might shoot you,
Instead I’ll conform
Assemble monsters
And hate you.
Abide with me.

Though your ghosts
Will abide with me
In my despair,
My boredom I see,
With you,
Or without you
I’m alone…

Abide with me.


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