Sex and flight – a dream

We all lived together. My exes, friends and I – and, contrary to probability, we all got on.
I was sharing a large bed with a friend and another who I didn’t know. It wasn’t a sexual thing, it was just the sort of thing friends – and strangers – do.
They were fast asleep.  I felt the sheets pull back and some guy climbed in beside me – it must have been a massive bed.
He put his arms around me and whispered in my ears, “I’ve always wanted you.”
It felt right. I did not have a clue who he was, nor want to know. I did not turn round to look. He might have been the Elephant Man or an Adonis, it did not matter, his touch felt good.
I whispered that we should not wake the others up and I did feel that this was in bad taste. But hell, when lust takes hold, we’re animals, right?
Somehow we made love silently in the dark and the others slept through – I still didn’t turn to face him. Afterwards, I closed my eyes, turned and kissed him. And he promptly got out of bed – “oh no,” I thought, “I must have dogs breath.”
In the morning he was sitting on the  windowsill watching the sun rise. Finally seeing him, I worried, “he’s a bit young”. He was cuteish, blond and very elfen – could seem ugly to some – but not to me.
I fell back to sleep.
When I went down to breakfast I was relieved to see that he was not as young as I thought – late twenties with a goaty beard. (Remember thinking, the beard has to go.)
One of my exes was giving him the low down on what a shit I am. He listened politely, but lucky for me, was not taking one word seriously.
In the corner of the kitchen the hippys were bullshitting their kids with what is and what isn’t possible.
“I’ve had enough of this crap,” I thought so I levitated.
I did a few swoops around the kitchen, but the hippys insisted on ignoring me.
“Look my feet aren’t touching the floor, this is flying!”
Angrily one acknowledged me, “How dare you do that in front of the children, we brought them up to believe in gravity.”

And then I woke…
But it leaves me with same old question, why can’t we live together?


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