Happy Endings

The type of plot based formula I have been using require resolutions and a happy ever after.
This goes against what most of us experience in real life and closure may be the closest we get to a final resolution.
From the first my happy endings were subversive. The bad guy won, the innocent were enslaved, addiction was perpetuated. But they all acted like they were happy. There was a white wedding, albeit in drag.
It is wrong on so many levels. It breaks the bond of trust between the reader and author, it’s like calling you a fool for believing this.
It is like a schoolboy rebellion against the rules of the story I have been set.
And I have carried on in this ridiculous fashion in my more recent stories. But this time round the absurdity is reversed. They achieve, tentatively, a genuine happy ever after. But this is framed in a montage of impossible good fortune.
So the story is clearly telling you not to believe any of it.
But if I can I would like to defend my crazy antics. As a reader I want a happy ending though my intellect always refuses it. In real life Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy never got over their misunderstandings or their difference of status and both died miserable and alone. But we all prefer Jane’s ending.
Now we are well past post modern – I personally and I hope my readers can embrace these apparent absurdities and enjoy both contradictory endings at the same time. A deeper inner need for love, perfection and abundant good luck is comforted, while the intellect gets to be smug. This conflict of reason and emotion could be defined as comedy.
So even if the realism did turn into a farce – as the camera pans out and we know it’s all an artifice, that emotional need to see evil defeated, the good guys win and love triumph is, hopefully, satisfied.


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