Dodging bullets and other Psychological Tricks

A clever and aware woman I knew had a trick for manipulating people to get her way – playing the “dumb blond”. Her hair was actually brunette, but the trick still worked.
Play dazed and confused in a slightly high pitched voice and then throw yourself at their mercy. They have to be a heartless automaton not to be taken in.
I can verify this works. My car insurance people were getting stressy because most of the info I had supplied was wildly inaccurate. This was down to my general lack of concern for such trivia rather than any intention to commit fraud. But on the phone I acted like it was Armageddon and a very nice agent from customer relations calmed me down, added a few notes to the files (probably ” lunatic”) and told me that everything is sorted.
I know other tricks like this. When stopped by the police, get out of your car and humbly invade the officer’s space. The more wretched you can appear and the closer you can physically get, the quicker your ordeal will be over. Alternatively, if you stay in your own territory in the car, the officer will be more likely to throw the book at you. I have successfully applied this formula to get away with speeding and worse.


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