Fight, flight or paralysis

Fight, flight or paralysis are the three typical responses to trouble. There may be others – you may take up cross patch stitching, but then again you’re weird.
I’ve done all three (and others) and it seemed kind of random why I opted for one behaviour and not another at any given time.
But I have slowly come to see some kind of pattern – almost like three stages of development.
My earliest response was paralysis. I now see this as either a child’s response, or more likely, a bewildered response – a social taboo has been transgressed and you are too shocked to move.
As I grew up, the fight response became the more inevitable. Sometimes I fought when I didn’t really need to, but then again, often I freeze for no apparent reason.
As I have got older the flight response has taken over. I don’t want trouble, I don’t want to fight so I run away.
Again this response has seeped, disassociated, into my normal behaviour patterns, as my partner could confirm.
I still do all three. But luckily it is only rarely any are called for now.
I may yet take up knitting.

Practical advice

Only use the paralysis response if your physical safety is in danger.
Always choose the flight option. Any sensible soldier will tell you to flee from an ambush. Then mass your forces and only fight back when you are in a position to win.


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