Day long romance

I don’t have many romantic memories from my teen years. I wish I had more.

Had one romance that was very sweet, even though it only lasted a day.

He was sixteen, I was thirteen. We had got to know each other in the school play. Although there was an age gap, I was treated as an equal and thought of as funny. I suppose at some level we knew we liked each other, but that only became apparent when the play was over.

In the school playing fields we did the impossible, left our age groups and started talking. We agreed to meet again at lunch. We spent two hours wandering around the school grounds. He told me everything, who he was, what he liked, what he hated, who he was going to be.

There was no hint or rumor of sex. At one point he put his arm round me, and I naively thought I had a proper boyfriend at last.

I assumed we would carry on like that forever. Walking, talking, swapping dreams. But at some point during that day some other boys noticed our friendship and…well I am sure you can guess.

The next day he cut me cold as if he did not know me. The invisible division between the age groups was restored. The bromance was over.


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