Perfect Fool (ego tripping for losers)

I know that no one on earth is perfect. But for fun and maybe to make me feel better about myself let us pretend that I am.
I was born to an imperfect world where the dominant species is transitioning from wild animal to domestic pet.  
Although magnificent and beautiful and though she bestowed me with all of her gifts, the planet was cruel and tested me harshly.

I became allergic to human society, human knowledge, education, authority, air, food, God and romance.

I was used, abused, tricked and discarded like dirt.

But I not only survived, I thrived. I taught myself music, writing, science, programming & art. I got better at handling my foes. I learnt how to love.

You could focus only my flaws and they are legion. But then you would miss the miracle. I am an expression of beauty. I shine.

I am Life.


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