True Faith

I am by nature sceptical. I do not entirely trust the evidence of my own senses  – if I did I would have been committed to some kind of institution (Church or Asylum)  years ago.  Rather than having beliefs, I entertain working hypotheses; models and maps for various applications. Therefore Carl Jung may be of interest when exploring dreams or strange coincidences, whereas B. F. Skinner sets the agenda for understanding behaviours. But do I actually believe either of them? Yes and no, though Skinner scores higher for credibility.

I see value in switching perspectives as appropriate, but faith in any particular viewpoint, is a waste of mind, burdensome and apt to make a fool of you. History proves my point, even the greatest of us have passionately believed in absurd and impossible ideas.

So we won’t be fooled again?

Yes and no. Here’s a belief I can never entirely free myself of. It’s quite esoteric, more crazy perhaps than faith in life after death, or invisible entities orchestrating fate. But I keep believing that there is only one perspective and this “I am” is shared by all of us, and the fact it is clearly irreconcilable back to one, is why this world of ours is like a hell.

No one in their right mind would take ownership for the world’s evil. Even loving your enemy as yourself is a tall order. But it is my crazy belief that until we can identify each and everyone one of us (not just human) as I, we are all doomed to suffer. As a statement of faith, it is more a shaky understanding of quantum mechanics than it is theological.

But, as I said, I believe in nothing. Me least of all.


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