Astral Doorways

I suspect that for me wormholes, Tardises and magical portals are a metaphysical mechanism for changing states of consciousness. They form a chain of imaginative stepping stones into a happier though much more dangerous fantasy state. Ironically, as a super god with limitless powers the only path to fulfilment (or something resembling happiness) is fighting the malign influence from an evil dimension, more often than not losing. At least never completely winning.  

I see this as a software routine to reboot self-esteem, to get me fit for the fight. Only when I prefer endless loops, with diminishing endorphin kicks (like the 2nd series of Heroes), is this escapism truly self destructive.

Similar uses of fantasy are seen in role play games of dungeons and dragons and in Creative Visualisation techniques where imagination is used to recode personal behaviour. But it is also the journey of the shaman and the paths of the tree of life. Wether the imagination or any such system of its usage constitutes a true reality is beyond my understanding. At best concepts like an astral plane form a working metaphor with practical applications , but they all too easily become the ridiculous dogmas of cults. I accept that they kind of feel real and there are many fun coincidences. So I have never fully grown up, I still escape in dreams. 

Wake up now!


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